The Soul Of Duty

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The Soul Of  Duty

We do our duty daily and face many worries and anxieties.

Being overburden we cry a genuine cry and feel despair.

Sometimes with lot of anger and irritation we perform our duty.

We feel frustrated and unhappy as if we can not achive our goals.


We should know that our duty has a soul and it is a part of our suffering.

If we are sincere in our work,then definitely everything will be taken care of magnificently.

The anger and irritation we feel while performing our duty is well heard by it.

The soul of it hears everything and records our desires and hopes.


At night the day's work comes to our picture.

We clearly perceive the essence and the consciousness of our work.

There is divinity in our duty and each aspect of our thought is taken care of by our duty.

The soul of it wants us to feel extremly calm and relaxed and becoming exactly so, we sleep.


We are divine beings and we  are always the magnifiscent performers.

Thinking this we should look to all aspects of our work and have a better performance.

The desire of our work is to see us happy always.

Our duty wants  to be carried out in a happier mood.


It cries for our betterment and always gives us  love and affection.

Like a mother our duty massages us and gives tremendous love,we must realise the same.

Then we will have no irritation and anger and we will give excellent service.

We can make ourselves and our customers happy and contented.


There is a soul in each duty,which shows us light towards the right path.

It never allows us to commit any mistake,because our welfare  and society's welfare is dependent on it.

So knowing this we should respect it and perform it in an efficient manner.

Then we will feel a greater satisfaction and realise the soul of it.


We can only be happy by satisfying the desire of our duty.

It desires that we perform it smoothly,so that we can lead a life of pride and dignity.

We should respect the call of the soul of duty,so that each day will be a surprise for us.

We will prosper and our family and society will be benefitted by our performance.


We have our duty to our family and society till our death.

We should feel the breath of duty and accordingly do our works.

Duty also takes breath with us,it has a soul and it always wants our prosperity.

The soul always remains with us and always gives us encouragement  and shows us direction like a light house.


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The Soul Of Duty

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This article was published on 2010/09/24